10 Reasons Why Working on Saturday is the Most Horrible Thing

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If you have already felt the pain by reading the above line, we are with you. Where most of the people finish with their work on Friday evenings, people having working Saturdays wake up cursing their life, employers and fate. Saturday mornings are the worst things ever for them because their office calls them to work on Saturdays as well. Despite the fact that the entire world is celebrating their much deserved break, we are going to our respective workplaces for working our asses off. Seriously, working Saturdays is the worst thing that ever happens to anyone. Here are some reasons.

You have to Work 1 Day Extra Every Week


Unlike your friends having 5 days working culture in office, you have to work for an extra day every week. It doesn’t give you a proper break from your hectic life and you feel like being cursed for working those extra hours.

Friday Nights are Not Exciting


You don’t have any point of being excited about Friday nights. You have to wake up early and head to work the next day anyway.

A Holiday on Friday Doesn’t Mean Extended Weekend

People become quite happy when they get Friday as holiday, which gives them extended break or holiday to go for a trip or any other personal affair. But after a Friday off, you have to get ready to work next day.

Your Friend Circle Disown You

friends disown

Since you can’t make it on Saturdays, your friends stop considering you for any weekend plans. They think you will be busy working and they shouldn’t bother you.

You have Just One Day for Yourself

just one day for me

You can either spend your Sundays with family or meet your friends or finish your all pending work of entire week. This one day is not enough to finish all the work you have so far.

This ultimately means you are working on Sunday as well

work stress

When the world is sleeping, you have to get up early


While entire world is lost in sleep, you feel like a loser who gets up early on weekends. Even doodhwala, safaiwala and your favorite Gangoobai arrive late.

Since you don’t get off on Saturdays, you will have to take a half day off for finishing bank related works.


Status and Photographs of Social Media Sucks


From cool check-ins to sharing fun pictures on social media, your friends are literally making you jealous and you are just staring them on screen.

People have so many questions about workplace as if you are lying about going to office. They also doubt that in which type of company you work with.

curious aunties

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