From Completing Love Story of Raj and Simran to the First Meeting of Geet and Aditya – Trains Played an Important Role but were Never Credited

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I have been part of many Bollywood films and worked effortlessly to bring the lead characters close to each other. There have been many beautiful love stories of Bollywood that started from me and became part every millennial’s memories.

They met, fought and finally fell in love but I was the constant witness of their growing fondness for each other.  However, no one ever appreciated me for my efforts. Here below are some love stories where I as a train played an important role but sadly no one credited me ever.


I was there when Raj first met Simran and their unstoppable love story started. This film has not just been a blockbuster but also played an important role in love story of many.

When they met, audience was totally enthralled and happily watched rest of the story.


I was also there in completing their story when Simran’s dad said – Ja Simran apne Raaj ke Pass Ja and you know the rest


Remember Geet and Aditya in Jab We Met? They first met in my presence and continued to follow me for two three times. Their unusual kind of love story flourished with me and reached to its peak when Geet said to Aditya that she always feels that “koi train chhut rahi hai” and they board me again.


Do you remember that Shahrukh has given his one of the best performances over me? Yes I was the platform in the famous song ‘Chal Chhaiyyan Chhaiyan’


Sadly, I was the main reason behind Rahul from Chennai Express had to go through so many troubles but it was me that made him meet with his love Meenamma.

bunny naina train

Naina met Bunny because of me and fell in love with him. Rest of the story you all know.


See, I was at so many places but no one ever credited me. No matters, being witness is a great thing and being reason of the most popular love stories is greatest. I will keep doing this without complaining.

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