Things that Every Indian Bride should Do before Their Weddings

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things to do before wedding

Only few more days are left when you will be walking down the walkway and say “I do” and then jet off for a completely different life. But, if few days prior to your wedding are left, and you still have to complete many things, panic mode might try to surround you.


Just because only some days are left in your wedding planning journey, it’s fully logical that something from your growing pre-wedding to-do list may go out of your mind. You are left with many important things to do and craving badly for those things. So before the big day arrives and you will be walking into this new phase of life, set everything at place to enjoy every bit of your wedding celebrations. Here is the list of something every upcoming bride should do before getting married.

Take a Trip with Friends

As you are getting married you will have very less time to do crazy things with your friends. Your new life will be so demanding that the previous life will be left behind. So, takeout sometime and plan a trip with your friends. This trip will allow you spending the best moments of your life and creating the most cherished memories.

Spend Quality Time with Parents


Life would not be same after your wedding. No matters how caring and supportive your partner is, things will certainly change after marriage. Your priorities will be different and preferences will change. So, it’s time that you spend lot of time with family that you can remember almost special days of life. Make your parents and siblings feel special and try doing everything of their choice.

Satisfy Your Inquisitiveness   


Ask everything you want to know about your partner. The topics can range from his past to his hopes and dream, fears and goals. Try and know as much as there is to know about your partner. But be sure that you’re comfortable divulging the same information to him.

Make It Legal


Visit the courtroom to complete the legal formalities related to your wedding. Get your marriage license prior to the celebration begins. Make an appointment ahead of time so you can complete this many days ahead of your wedding and get this done in no time.

Pamper Yourself


You are at the extreme end of the wedding planning and must have been exhausted with that tough routine. So, pamper yourself with a boutique workout class or spend a day at the spa. Do something that can recharge you while getting you pumped up and excited.

End All Old Grudges

You are all set to start a new life. So, it’s really stupid to carry anything unpleasant from the past in your upcoming life. Get rid of everything from your past relationships or throw away any grudges you had from any relative or friends. This will make you feel lighter and cool and you will be able to accept your new life really comfortably.

Learn to Cook


In today’s time, this term not only fits for the girls but they are still expected to win the heart of their in laws by their culinary skills. Learning to cook can assure that you will not always have to crave for your favorite things.

Spend on Yourself


You are getting married and things ever will not be the same no matters how much you try. So, do everything that makes you comfortable and buy things of your choice. Treat yourself with best possible delights.

Live Alone for Sometime


Spend some time with yourself without interference of family members or friends. Independence is awesome! Plus and once you start living alone, it makes you learn different things about life and its struggles.


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