Signs that Suggest He is in Love with You

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signs he is love with you

There are signs that indicate feelings of a man towards you. Some men are introvert and don’t know how to express their feelings and emotions. Especially when it is about true love, they sometime take an era to let you know about it. But only because your man hasn’t expressed his feelings to you verbally, don’t feel that he doesn’t love you. When in love, men do many subconscious things that give you the indication of his love for you. Know these signals through article.

His Body Language has Avoidable Warmth

It doesn’t matter he does not say flowery words to you but his body language is having a warmth for you. He leans towards you and checks-out himself when you are around. His gaze has affection for you and he never keeps his back towards you.

His Eyes Talk

his eye talks

When a man is in love, his eyes take the charge of talking. He tries to maintain an eye contact but shies away suddenly when you look at him directly into his eyes. His heart flutters seeing you around and his eyes sparkle with gladness when smile at him. You create an impression on him.

Try Always To Be Around

always around you

You will constantly spot him at the place where you usually go, be it your favorite shopping mall or preferred coffee joint or even a concert, he always look for opportunities to bump into you. But that doesn’t mean he is trying to invade your personal space. This poor guy is just making an effort to get a glimpse of you.

Trying to Be Playful or Mischievous


Don’t get offended with his naughty ways and friendly teasing. This guy just seeks to win your attention with his humor and wit. He is in love with you and the teasing is an amiable way to flirt with you. Take care of his gestures…it must be sweet and you will definitely like it.

Investing on You

investing on her

This doesn’t mean only monetary investments but if a guy is investing his effort, energy, money and time on you, it means you are totally into his mind. He is paying attention to everything about you, doing favors on you and spending more time with you than his friends. In fact, he is also not hesitating to buy you expensive gifts. He is totally in love.

He’s Different for Sure

Everyone is different when he is with family, with close friends and with the person he is in love with. When a person is with that someone special, he turns into a person who is pretty identifiable. He may turn quieter or more talkative, he may also be nervous or totally cool but he will behave differently.

Checkout His Friends – They are Talking More with You

friends talking

It is his friends who would do the talking with you more than him. There are some common gestures his friends would follow when you are around. They would tease him or would give you hints and clues of his liking for you.

Future Becomes Thing for Concern

serious about future

Suddenly he became serious about his future – from his career moves to his relocation plan will have but yours too, like what do you intend to take up as a career option, and where do you see yourself or do you want to relocate and so on. Whenever your guy discusses where he sees himself a few years down the line, it actually means he’s trying to gauge whether you see yourself with him too or not.

The ‘Special’ Factor

you are special

He will go that extra trouble to get you that pastry you wanted to have. He will be extra protective and make you feel special. He will pay attention to everything you say. If it is so…he is totally in love with you.

The Touch

the touch

Even he won’t have any reason for it; he still touches you, sometimes accidentally and sometimes subconsciously. He will try to be physically close to you with a playful punch or a tap on the shoulder. Whatever it is, the touch remains there and lightens him up.

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