An Open Letter to SBI – The Banker to Every Indian

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Dear State Bank of India,

My hello to you friend though you have never been so friendly.

Firstly, I would congratulate you for being the largest bank of India despite having really depressing and most unfriendly staff in your premises. Let me introduce myself first, I am a writer (at least I think so) from the Bihar state of India and a customer of the State Bank of India since I learnt anything about banking. Although, I am your loyal and old customer but you always made me think that banking is a tough task in India. I was still with you by compulsion as no other bank was there in my small hometown.


Despite I have moved to the capital city of India and staying and working here since long, I continued being loyal to you. I still don’t know why. Let me tell you one more thing that my experience with the current branch office (SBI Swasthya Vihar) is not that bad like earlier ones. In fact, it is great, which always makes me say that I don’t feel it being a typical SBI branch.

This branch of yours made me have faith in your brand that I never had previously but the case of Bangalore came as a shock to me but you still won. It is true that the key mantra of the safe banking is to never share your password details with anyone but how about it to be used in a condition when the customer himself is unable to use it. The condition may vary from being into a medical emergency to a family crisis. In today’s scenario, when both the husband and wife are working, it is obvious that one person’s money is used for running the home while another one has to save for further investments or emergencies. Your issue would have been justifiable in case the money would have been stolen but it was clear from report obtained through RTI that ATM machine showed excess cash that particular day. However, this report was countered by you.

Let me tell you my friend that your customers deposit their hard earned money in your branches considering it to be safe but such incidences make them lose trust in your services. The final verdict might say that the customer should have given a self-cheque or an authorization letter for money withdrawal but what has to be done in case of non-banking hours. Aren’t ATM cards fastest means for money withdrawal in case of emergency? Though the case has been dismissed, but it has left many questions in our mind.

May be you will continue to be the largest bank of India but whatever has happened was not right. And I think there will be many who have same thoughts in their mind.

Your sincerely,

A loyal SBI customer

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