20 Food Items that Indians are Trying at Home during Lockdown

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Indians are definitely among the most optimistic people on earth. One side, where the entire world is fighting with corona virus and losing their hopes for life, our fellow countrymen are trying their hands in kitchen. Yes, recent Google trend has witnessed huge growth in search volumes of various recipes. You can easily observe your social media feeds that show how desperately people are testing their culinary skills without having any concern about what is going to be next. It’s not that we are not worried about the current situation. But this is really great that we have not lost hopes for a better future and utilizing this period of lock down and quarantine in adding a new skill. During the lock-down period when eating outside food can be dangerous, everyone has become a chef. Here is the list of 20 of the most popular recipes that people are trying to prepare at home during this corona virus pandemic.


There is lockdown and that momos wale bhaiya of your locality is unavailable to satisfy your cravings for this irresistible street food. But without getting sad, everyone is trying to make their favorite item at home with their preferred fillings inside. Be it veg momos, soya momos, chicken momos or cheese & corn momos, chefs at home are preparing it at home with the spicy tangy chutney.  

Dahi Vada/Dahi Bhalla

Recipe for Dahi Vada has seen a great surge of around 180% in its searches on Google. The hot weather is persuading foodies to have something made of curd that can be easily digested and is delicious in taste.

Puran Poli

This delicious Maharashtrian flatbread is also among the most searched food items at present. Enjoyable in taste, Puran poli is a healthier version of stuffed parathas. You too can try it at home during lockdown if haven’t done it so far.



Baking is a stress buster for many but this lockdown has given everyone the opportunity to bake something at home. So, cakes are another food item that all are trying to prepare at homes.

Kulfis/Ice Creams

Summer season has already come and the craving for this chilled food item is obvious. They can’t go to the ice cream parlor but may definitely try their favorite kulfis or ice creams at home.

Paneer Dishes

The rumors coming with coronavirus have made people little apprehensive about having non-veg. So, everyone is trying to make restaurant like paneer dishes at home, be it paneer butter masala, shahi paneer, kadai paneer or matar paneer.

Lachha Paratha/Naan

Paneer dishes are incomplete without lachha paratha or naan. So, the foodies are looking for the recipes to prepare naan on tawa and recipes of paratha as well. These breads are necessary for complete fulfillment.


You must be missing this exceptional street food of India but your social media feeds must be saying that many of your friends are preparing these at home during lockdown.

Besan/Atta Laddus

The sweet tooth around you must be giving this ghee fried sweetmeat a try at home. There are several folks who are trying to make atta and besan laddoos in their kitchen.

Dalgona Coffee

Cafes are closed and you can’t go to grab your favorite coffee. So, the dalgona coffee has become a relief for the coffee lovers and most of us are going gaga over this irresistible frothy drink.


Missing samosas…. Right? Many of your folks must be trying to make them at home right now. If you have already tried these in your kitchen, you must have known that how lengthy the entire process is.


Pancakes make perfect breakfast for many. Recipe for pancakes is easy to prepare, which is being searched by many folks on Google right now. Haven’t you tried it yet? Go and try this time.


This heavenly Bengali delight is another item is another popular dish that is being searched and prepared a lot during this period of lockdown. Easy to make, Rasgulla is definitely worth giving a try when you are together with your family and you have no place to go.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is the first love of many and if these are not available in the markets, then who would not want to make it at their cooking station. Therefore, everyone is preparing Gulab Jamuns at home using various type of recipes.

Paav Bhaji

Food joints are closed and craving for paav bhaji is getting irresistible. To satisfy this hunger for their preferred street food, people are making it in their kitchen with best recipes available on the internet.


Sitting idle at home makes us crave more for the food. Pizza is something that we love to hog upon and most of our parties remain incomplete without this delicious food item. When you are apprehensive of ordering these online, preparing in your own kitchen is the only option left with you. So, foodies are searching the recipe to prepare pizza in kadai.


Jalebi is another popular dish that most of us are trying their hands upon in this period of lockdown. This deep-fried sweet dish is one of the most searched recipes on Google at present.


Despite the sun is shining with its full rage, people are still preparing their favourite chhole bhature during quarantine. It is another popular dish that you can often see getting prepared in households of your friends. I am not surprised if you are one of those.


This chickpea flour sweet and sour snack is just too awesome to have for those who don’t like oily food. The yellow mouth-melting Gujarati dish is getting searched by food lovers very frequently.


Dosa and Uttapam are popular dishes among those food lovers who avoid oily food. So, many of you must be preparing these lip-smacking South Indian recipes in the lockdown that can be eaten as breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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