Gifting Chocolates, Pies & Cakes on Diwali is Great, But Indian in Me Loves the Gift of Desi Sweets the Most

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Festive season has arrived and we are all busy in cleaning & decorating homes along with buying variety of gifts for the relatives, friends and acquaintances. Diwali parties have also started at many places with good food, amazing associates and the top of all – exchanging gift packets of eatables.

There are lots of things that people gift on Diwali to each other, from crockeries to electronics and from silver/gold coins to gift package of various edibles. Being a foodie, gift packages of edibles are my favorite and sweet items top in that list.


Who doesn’t love desserts? There are many amazing brands in the industry doing great marketing with the most luscious advertisements to lure the foodies. It’s due to the demand. On looking around us, we realize that there are people who get charged with a bite of their favorite chocolates. A delicious waffle makes everything right for someone and a donut fixes the situation when you get scolded by your boss for no reasons.


While there are boxes full of desserts to cater different types of taste buds but my hands go down to the delicious desi sweets. Desi sweets are something that I can’t resist to, no matters how full I am. 

My Diwali is Incomplete without Juicy Rasogollas and Mouth Melting Kaju Barfi

desi sweets
Desi sweets

No matters how tempting any dessert seems with its name or appearance but my Diwali is not complete when juicy rasgullas and yummy Kaju Katli are not existing into this.Being this small town girl from North India, I am versed to love Indian desserts the most and the fresh cham chams, Kaju Barfi and Kalakand were integral parts of my childhood Diwali. You won’t believe but Soan Papdi as a gift on Diwali still brings smile on my face despite my other companions make complains about it.

Gulab Jamun

Whenever we visit the any relatives’ place on Diwali and snacks are served among the guests, my eyes catch the glimpse of desi mithais and nothing stands any chance for me. They defeat everything that are served along. Although several modern aunties claim that it takes so long to prepare desi sweets and these create real mess for the one who’s preparing them but hard work pays back with taste.

Laxmi Pooja is an integral part of Diwali that all of us know but it is very important for me because delicious Boondi ke Laddu makes it so perfect. I mean, it’s true that we welcome positive vibes and creates a beautiful aura at our place by worshiping the goddess of prosperity but can’t we be happier of the fact that there is more to rejoice at?

In a multi-ethnic country that offers so many delicacies, any festival turns out be a carnival. So, no complaints against people having tastes for chocolates, pies and cakes, but only desi sweet-wali Diwali is my type of Diwali. 

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